Requested output

We ask for three NetCDF files for scalar quantities called '''' (e.g.: the file containing scalars for SET A is called including:

  • {LWP} Liquid Water Path (g/m^2)
  • {albedo} Albedo at the ToA(-)
  • {tau} Optical Depth (-)
  • {CC} Cloud Cover (-)
and three NetCDF files called '''' including:
  • {pres} pressure levels (Pa)
  • {height} height levels (m)
  • {T} temperature (K)
  • {qv} water vapour content (kg/kg)
  • {ql} liquid vapour content (kg/kg)
  • {CF} Cloud Fraction (-)
  • {SW_up} upward shortwave radiation (W/m^2)
  • {SW_dn} downward shortwave radiation (W/m^2)
  • {LW_up} upward longwave radiation (W/m^2)
  • {LW_dn} downward longwave radiation (W/m^2)
for each simulations set.

The results obtained by using the high resolution grid should be named: '''' or ''''.
The example files of the requested NetCDF output are available in the following list:

Please provide in each NetCDF file any useful information as a global attribute.

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