WP3: Process-Level Evaluation

WP3 aims to evaluate how the large-scale forcing conditions control cloud cover, cloud amount, precipitation, and how these cloud properties influence the radiative budget and to what extend this is faithfully reproduced by the ESMs. The focus will be on the subgrid processes that act on the grid scales of ESM (of the order of 100 km). To this purpose WP3 will use a bottom up approach:

  • on the shortest time scales of days, WP3 will conduct dedicated high resolution simulations and analyses with Large Eddy Simulation (LES) models and use the results to evaluate Single Column Model (SCM) versions of ESMs,
  • on the time scale of months ESMs will be evaluated with respect to key cloud regimes on selected locations for present climate,
  • to understand the cloud response in a perturbed future climate, SCMs and LES experiments will be done on the same locations, but now with correspondingly different time series of large scale dynamical forcings taken from the future climate runs of ESMs as conducted in WP1.

WP3 is chaired by Stephan de Roode